Bogalusa Christmas Decorating Contest, Bogalusa Contest


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                                           WELCOME! BE SURE TO READ EVERYTHING!

                                             Merry CHRISTmas to everyone!


   ***NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The Bogalusa Christmas Decorating Contest shall be considered a non-profit, non money making event.**************

We may make changes to this contest or cancell this contest without reason or cause. 

  Time & Temperature Service AKA Washington Parish Weather Now @ 985-735-9866 is pleased to announce they will be sponsoring a BOGALUSA AREA WIDE INCLUDING ALL ADDRESS WITH 70427 and 70429 ZIP CODES Christmas decorating contest from Novemeber 14th till December 23,2021. There are NO PURCHASE necessary. PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN AS THESE RULES MAY CHANGE!

TO ENTER: Take a a clear photo with your smartphone in the horizontal (landscape) position.Using a digital camera is better. Be sure to put your Bogalusa area address and in the description with the photo upload. Upload your Home or Business Christmas decorating photo to the  Bogalusa Christmas Decorating Contest facebook group page to show it off and to be Judged by the public facebook group. The most LIKES a photo of a decorated home or business wins. Admins then will approve post. You may your business or home provided it has a Bogalusa 70427 and 70429 zip code addresss will be eligible for 1st,2nd, or 3rd prizes yard signs.

JUDGING- Judging will be done you the public & primarily on how many likes a particular Commercial (Business) or Residential (Home)  Photo of a exterior or a Christmas themed decorated home, business, or church gets from the public via facebook group page "Bogalusa Christmas Decorating Contest. Home or Business needs to be at least 50% Christmas decorated". 

PRIZES- Prizes are as follows:

  Home/Residential- 1 st place, 2nd place, and 3 rd place show be a ???

  Business/Commerical Prizes are: 1st place, 2 nd place, and 3rd place shall be ???

Contest will run from Saturday, November 14,2021 till Monday, December 22,2021. Winners will be announced the following week. Prizes will be of yard signms will be put into yards of the winner.  

Rules are as follows and may change at any time so check back often:

1.) To enter the contest all exteriors homes,churches, or businesses must be decorated in good taste with a FAMILY FRIENDLY Christmas theme.

2.) During the contest please make sure all exterior Christmas lights, decorations,etc are working mainly every night from 5 p.m. to at least 9 p.m. during the contest.

3.) Only Businesses, Churches, or Residential Homes with a  Bogalusa Area 70427,70429 address can win prizes. 

4.) Enter this contest at your own risk-It is up to you to secure all decorations with security cameras or security systems.

5.) In event of tie during contest admin shall do a coin flip to decide winner.

6.) Business and Commercial Entries- You may upload a photo of your Christmas decorated building-exterior only with your singnage for free. Do include address. Any other photo such as product or service will constitute a advertisement which you will have to pay $ 50 to run a ad in this group. Your paid family friendly ads are welcomed here and will be billed by the Time & Temperature Service. Ads can be photos or short 2 min videos done by you for your business. Money raised from this will offset the $700 cost of the contest.***This contest is a not-for- profit making venture and money losing ventue*****.

7.) ALL POST MUST BE APPROVED BY ADMIN! Please allow 24 hours to process.

8.) IF DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK OR A COMPUTER:  If you wish to enter home then please take a photo of your home decorated with Christmas decorations and mail the photo with name & address BEFORE Saturday,December 11,2021 to the following address: WPTT,PO BOX 1387, Bogalusa,LA 70429 Admins of facebook group page: (click here: "Bogalusa Decorating Contest" will manually scan your photo into the group page for public judging. See how judging works above. There is no charge for this service.

9.) Enter in this contest or vote in this contest  at your own risk on the facebook page: Bogalusa Christmas Decorating Contest.  

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