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Welcome to our "How to page" For Events: 

  When planning a event of any kind it is good idea to let people know about your event far,far in advance so more people will come to your event. For example if you are planning a Concert May 25,2018 you might want to plan than concert a 1 year in advance so you can line up artist,venues, volunters, etc. Many events we have notice that waits two-three weeks out from their events to start promting their event usually won't have many people in attendance. 

So what do i need to do first?

     Find a venue for your event. You need a venue that is family friendly and has plently of parking for festival or concert goers.  Event should have plently of space so festival or concert goers can walk around to various booths or exbits. If using a city/town park you will need to contact the city officals of that town like the local Parks & Recreation person or Mayor to see what are the requirements are to rent the park for that day are. Also while you are at it make sure the city/town puts your event on their calendar right then. 

Do I need insurance for my event?

     Yes! Even if you are a non-profit you will need insurance to cover you incase of an accident. Usually most venues may require you have a $ 1 Million Dollars or more in insurance just for that day and list them as a ridder on that policy so if a lawsuits arrises the venue are covered. 


How to I get people to volunteers for my non-profit event?

   There are many ways to do this. The main this is once you have your event in place put the word out on places like social media and local newspaper that you are looking for volunteers. Groups like the local high school Jr ROTC, or other service orgazations may help you in exchange for a donation.

How do I get the word out about my Event?

   While social media places like Facebook is great place to get started there are may other places like websites and offlline sources like Newspapers, outdoor banners, the local time & Temperature Service, and others. There maybe a small fee involved with some of these but most are very effective. it is a good idea to write a press release then email to these companies. Do included a name,phone number, what your event is,when your event is,what time your event is, admission cost, address of event.

Here is a brief list of people that *may* promote events:

Advertising Agency,The......

The Daily News............

The Era Leader............

Washington parish Weather Now....

WBOX Radio...............

Time & Temperature of Washington Parish.............

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